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Latest from the Blog

Love to food

It’s time for some harsh truth. When you watch the news, you see stories about addiction frequently. Many of the drugs people consume and are addicted to having gone through many chemical processes and so has sugar.  Refined sugar is the result of a number of alterations, processes, and the final product has no foodContinue reading “Love to food”

A book

I have listened to a lot of incredible audiobooks this year, but there are definitely some that stand out! These are all books that I am sure are fantastic read physically, but I am glad that I listened to them and would recommend listening to them if you can. Mary Contrary Mary, and all ofContinue reading “A book”

What Is Holding You Back?

What is holding you back from achieving your goals? From peak performance? In this short post I list four things that could be stopping you from reaching your full potential and performance. What Is Holding You Back?

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